Save More Than History

The New 590X Steel Replica Window

You don't manage a historic building because it's easy. You do it because it’s important to you. And that's important to us. Together, we can save more than your building's history - we can save you time, energy and the historical appeal of your building for years to come.

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Georgetown University


What you’ll save with 590X:


A more economical solution than a steel window, the 590X increases energy efficiency and reduces maintenance fees, saving you money in more ways than one.


Engineered with energy efficiency in mind, the 590X can dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs while increasing occupant comfort.


Specifically designed for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 590X improves the look of your building without sacrificing its historical integrity.


Great for old warehouses and mill conversions, the 590X is dry-glazed, allowing the glass to be easily removed from the building’s interior, eliminating the need to go outside the building.


590X: The savings are in the details

Customizable Grid

Customizable muntins allow EFCO to match existing sightlines without a large investment from building owners.

2-Tone finish Capability

A custom blend ensures the windows match the building’s desired aesthetic.


Easy access from the building’s interior eliminates the need for owners to go outside to remove failed or broken glass units, or rent expensive equipment.

Water management

A heel-bead and weeps divert water away from the building’s interior to ensure surrounding conditions stay dry.


Get to know 590X

Product Data Sheet

Discover how EFCO solved the challenge of balancing occupant comfort and minimal sightlines with the new 590X.


A closer look at EFCO’s Series 590X Steel Replica Window.


Download the 590X Steel Replica Window specifications for more details.

EFCO's Expertise

EFCO is an acknowledged leader in terms of quality, innovation, product value, and customer service in architectural windows and framing systems. Backed by the support of Apogee Enterprises, Inc., an industry leader in commercial architecture technology, innovation and customer satisfaction, EFCO provides the best fenestration solutions and quality service for commercial construction. Today, and in the future.

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Save More Than History with 590X

EFCO’s all-new 590X Steel Replica Window delivers the historic look you want and the modern performance your building needs. Specially designed for buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 590X costs a fraction of steel windows so you can increase your building’s value for less.


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