EFCO introduces an innovative solution, the 4500 Series, that gives you the look of curtain wall with the ease of a window system install.

EFCO continues to lead the industry in solutions that aid you in meeting the design and performance intent of your projects. This month, we’re excited to introduce an innovative new system that features the look of curtain wall and the ease of a window system install. The new 4500 Series offers a single infill plane for both vision and spandrel areas of a building while delivering the cost savings of a slab-to-slab framing system. 

Along with delivering expansive views and elegant lighting, the 4500 series is a more cost-effective option when it comes to installation. The 4500 series can be installed from the inside of the building into a subframe system as an alternative to exterior hung curtain wall products.

As we develop new products, such as the 4500 Series, our vertically integrated structure allows us to design, extrude, assemble and factory glaze the products for each project so that you can provide better solutions and services to your customers. At EFCO, we deliver design intent through our unique vertical integration structure so you can be assured of quality, engineering innovation and expertise, on-time delivery and accountability with a dedicated field rep.

Call to learn more about EFCO’s 4500 Series and how it can better meet your customers’ needs.