The S-4500 Window Wall offers a single infill plane for both vision and spandrel areas of a building while delivering the cost savings of a slab-to-slab framing system. Multiple system depths provide the flexibility needed to address a wide variety of applications found in today's urban environments. The integral slab bypass is designed to provide maximum design flexibility to accommodate a range of infill and insulation thicknesses at the face of the slab.

Factory glazed panels
Built under factory quality standards
Faster installation, reduced field labor
90° inside and outside corners
Helps meet most project configuration needs
Integral slab bypass
Accommodate insulated or monolithic glass, brake metal, or insulated panels
Add up to 2" of rigid insulation at face of slab
Continue the same infill plane through both vision and spandrel areas
4 1/2" & 6" frame depth
Provides design flexibility through a wide range of structural application needs
Slab-to-slab design
Provides a cost effective installation alternative to exterior hung curtain wall products