The company was founded in 1951 in St. Louis, Missouri. Incorporation occurred in 1953.
Total company employment is approximately 1,600.

EFCO principally markets its products through glazing contractors and glass houses across the United States through a sales network of manufacturer's representatives. Whenever possible, EFCO wishes to maintain its distribution channels. As with most rules there are exceptions. If you think you qualify as an exception, please contact the Credit Department at (800) 221- 4169 and request credit application forms to be sent to you or get it online. Please return them to the Credit Department at least two weeks prior to submitting a quotation request.

Click on "Rep Locator" on the black bar between the EFCO logo and the project photo on the home page.  When the rep list appears enter the zip code and click on "Find" button for contact information for the specific sales rep assigned to the zip code.  The  state abbreviation can also be entered to display a list of sales reps assigned to that state.

Yes, many EFCO windows are suitable as replacement windows in conjunction with Trim-All™ window replacement panning frames. Contact your local representative, or EFCO's window applications engineers for further information.
EFCO prefers to sell within the United States. EFCO will sell outside the U.S. if it is with a well known, established, and highly regarded erector with whom EFCO can partner. Credit terms are an irrevocable letter of credit in U.S. currency drawn on a U.S. bank, payable upon receipt of material from factory.
EFCO is proud to have one of the industry's most professional sales networks. Historically, our network of independent manufacturer's representatives has little turnover. Occasionally a territory opens up and it becomes necessary to hire a new sales representative. If you are interested in becoming an EFCO representative, please write to the Sales Manager. The address is: EFCO, 1000 County Rd., Monett, MO 65708, or call (800) 221-4169.
A router letter outlines the administrative and manufacturing steps that an order must follow, and it shows a completion date for each step, so that the order may be completed by the customer's requested date. It is sent directly to the customer. Most steps are EFCO's responsibility to complete on time. However, there are a few steps that are the customer's responsibility to complete on time. For example, customer furnished shop drawings need to be at EFCO by the date shown on the router letter to maintain the production schedule. Another example is customer furnished hardware. EFCO will not begin fabrication of a storefront job until it receives the actual, physical hardware. The customer must coordinate delivery of the submittals and materials to maintain the scheduled ship date. Missing any of the due dates may result in the order being rescheduled at a much later date-particularly during the busy summer months.
If the detail drawing is not available on our website, please submit a Detail request online, or contact your local sales representative.
To receive a hardware brochure that details some hardware options available on our door products, please Contact our Marketing department. The hardware options for windows are in our Architectural Guide at the end of each window section.
You should first contact the EFCO sales representative for your area . If the job is located in an area that is not assigned to a sales representative, submit a Field Services Request online.
June 2017