Pre-Construction Services


We work hard on the front end to help ensure the final result looks and performs the way it was intended to.


We can help you keep project costs on track by identifying solutions within your parameters and providing detailed project estimates during the design and development phases. We also offer a complete pre- and post-bid cost-savings analysis.



From basic drawings to fully engineered shop drawings with custom designs, we’ll supply you with a set of shop drawings — performed under the supervision of a licensed engineer. Our shop drawings outline the design intent of your project and include fabrication and installation methods.


Some projects demand a higher level of detail and customization — because a mistake could be costly. Our team of engineers will confirm that the designs are properly vetted to meet the performance and testing requirements.



With a commitment to providing products that meet or exceed thermal code requirement for each project, our thermal analysis service includes full thermal modeling and formal thermal calculations — including dew point analysis. It also includes recommendations for performance improvements to help ensure our products meet the intent of the project specifications.


We’re committed to improving product designs and manufacturing processes to eliminate waste, support recycling and improve energy efficiency. We fully support participation in the LEED rating system and will work with you to develop sustainable solutions.



We provide an envelope-first approach to energy management that optimizes your building’s performance in three ways — cost savings, increased occupant comfort and improved aesthetics. Thus giving you a higher return on your retrofit investment.