One of the historic replica market's most persistent challenges is trading occupant comfort for slim sightlines. Most companies focus solely on minimizing sightlines to the point building occupants are left sitting next to a beautiful but ultimately inferior window with limited usability and insufficient performance for long-term use.

EFCO's 590X steel replica solves this challenge through balancing occupant comfort with historic profiles desired by the architectural and historic preservation communities. Alongside the 590X stands EFCO's 65+ years of manufacturing experience. We've learned a thing or two through the years and can provide a full product offering, including extensive window accessories developed specifically for the historic market. Additional services available are: pre-sale design and engineering support, installation training, energy analysis of the building envelope and a technical sales force you can consult with to find solutions for your project.

Dry-glazed with heel bead and weeps
Replace glass from inside the building
Water infiltration tested up to 15psf with dynamic air pressure
Best-in-class water performance
Accommodates up to 1-3/8" glass thickness
Capable of meeting higher acoustic performance requirements
Dual-finish capabilities
Greater flexibility to meet project finish requirements
Customizable grid
Match existing profiles economically and with ease
Wide range of standard hardware available
Meets most job requirements
AAMA 513 tested
Reduced operational motions & forces for the elderly and disabled
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