This thermally enhanced Quick Set™ system was developed as a stock length system for field fabrication. The system utilizes E-Strut™ thermal isolators for outstanding thermal and dual finish capability. System 955 provides many advantages over other framing systems with its minimal fabrication and installation steps. For design flexibility, this system is available in structural and inside glazing capabilities.

Shallow intermediate horizontals used with interior blinds (optional)
Allows applied blinds to pass the intermediate horizontal without interference
Door framing members
Compatible with all 1 3/4" EFCO doors
E-Strut™ thermal isolator
Completely eliminates dry shrinkage
Door framing members
Contact EFCO Applications Department for 2" Doors
E-Strut™ thermal isolator
Dual finish capability
Roll-on face horizontal
Gives ribbon wall appearance when used butt glaze vertical
E-Strut™ thermal isolator
Improves U-Value performance
Structural/Butt glaze mullions
Seamless face
Stock length or fabricated
Provides customers with an option
Accepts 1/4" and 1" glazing
Flexibility in design requirements for glazing
Anodized and painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns
  • Ribbon System 2-1/4" x 5"

    Ribbon System 2-1/4" x 5"