Series 525 is a non-thermal storefront framing system developed and tested to the most stringent impact requirements. Series 525 is compatible with all EFCO standard 1 3/4" and 2" DuraStile™ doors. Series 525 framing system is fabricated with shear blocks or screw spline configurations, which contributes to the systems design flexibility. Please contact EFCO's Product Technical Support Department for Blast / DoD applications. 

Screw spline construction
Allows assembly of sections prior to installation
Decreases installation time
Shear block construction
Ability to erect on the job site
Integral door adaptors
Compatible with all 1 3/4" EFCO doors
Contact EFCO Product Technical Services for 2" Doors
Joint fasteners are #12
Simplifies fabrication
Strengthens system
Horizontals are square cut
Easier fabrication and assembly
Eliminates notching
Exterior removable stop at sill and horizontal
Allows glazing from the exterior
Interlocking legs at sub-sill
Holds sill in place
No "blind" seals are required at the sill
Head and jamb anchors are inside the glazing pocket
Anchors are not visible
Accommodates up to 5/8" glazing
Expands design and energy savings options
Accessory line of perimeter anchors, pocket fillers, door adaptors, etc.
Increased product versatility
Anodized or painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns
  • Shear Block

    Shear Block

  • Screw Spline

    Screw Spline