This 2 1/4" X 6" Impact Curtain Wall System is approved for use in High Velocitiy Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).  Tested to large and small missile requirements.  Please contact EFCO's Product Technical Support Department for Blast / DoD applications.

Acoustic Curtain Wall
Improved sound reduction - STC rating of 30 or greater
Thermal isolator used between exterior and interior extrusions
Improved thermal performance
Various mullion depths and widths available
Provides design flexibility
Wide variety of snap-on face covers
Customize projects with face covers of various depths and profiles
Optional corner mullions
Allows 90° and 135° inside and outside corners
Shear block construction
Ability to erect on the job site
Integral door adaptors
Compatible with all 1 3/4" EFCO doors
Contact EFCO Product Technical Services for 2" Doors
Accommodates up to 1 5/16" glazing
Expands design and energy saving options
Accessory line of perimeter anchors, pocket fillers, door adaptors, etc.
Increased product versatility
Anodized and painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns