The 8250 is a versatile unitized curtain wall system that can be provided in stock lengths, Pre-glaze capability for customers and Factory fabricated/assembled & glazed. It utilizes fiberglass composite technology in a patent pending thermal break design, which provides outstanding thermal performance without sacrificing structural integrity.

90° inside and outside corner mullions
Accommodates multifaceted elevations
Integral vent option
Allows ventilation without detracting from system aesthetics
2 or 4 sided structural glazed
Architectural design flexibility
Factory glazed panels
Built under factory quality standards
EPDM glazing gasket
Dry glazed
Screw spline construction
Ease of installation at the job site
Accommodates up to 1 5/16" glazing
Expands design and energy saving options
Factory glazed panels
Faster installation, reduced field labor
Dual-finish capabilities
Greater flexibility to meet project finish requirements
Plus or Minus 1/2" movement
Provides for field tolerance and live load requirements