The 5600PG is a versatile curtain wall system (6", 7 1/2", & 10") that can be provided in stock lengths, Pre-glaze capability for customers and Factory fabricated/assembled & glazed.  The system also provides some of these great features:
  • Captured, 2-sided SSG, and 4-sided SSG
  • splice sleeve to be utilized for hoisting
  • Aluminum and fiberglass pressure plate options
  • Single or multi-span capability
  • Sunshade, Vent & Door capabilities
  • EPDM gaskets

Concealed vents
Ability to include ventilation while maintaining the exterior sight line
All EFCO finish options standard
Architectural design flexibility
Factory glazed panels
Built under factory quality standards
Accommodates up to 1 5/16" glazing
Expands design and energy saving options
Factory glazed panels
Faster installation, reduced field labor
Acoustic Curtain Wall
Improved sound reduction - STC rating of 30 or greater
Horizontal stacking members
Increases configuration options